Unknown Succulents

We've picked up unlabelled plants here and there but have been so far unable to identify them. If you can help please email us.
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Aeonium unknown (1) Aeonium unknown (1)

Aeonium unknown (1)

A pretty plant with pale green leaves covered in fine white hair. Quick growing, offsets profusely.

Crassula unknown(2) Crassula unknown(2)

Crassula unknown(2)


Euphorbia unknown(1) Euphorbia unknown(1)

Euphorbia unknown(1)


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Plectranthus unknown(1) Plectranthus unknown(1)

Plectranthus unknown(1)

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Sedum unknown(1) Sedum unknown(1)

Sedum unknown(1)


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Sedum unknown(2) Sedum unknown(2)

Sedum unknown(2)

Similar in appearance to Sedum burrito, but more upright. The rounded leaves form small rosettes at the end of the stems. Sun/part sun.

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Unknown(2) Unknown(2)


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Unknown(4) Unknown(4)


This species quickly forms a dense ground cover of tiny bright green rosettes, each to 5cm across. Develops a red hue when grown in the winter sun. Yellow flowers. Sun/part sun.

Temporarily out of stock