The genus Stapelia consists of around 40 species stem succulent plants, predominantly from South Africa. The flowers of Stapelia gigantea can reach 41 cm in diameter. Most Stapelia flowers are visibly hairy and beautiful but generate the odour of rotten flesh which serves to attract specialist pollinators.

Stapelia make good container plants prefering part sun only. A free-draining mix is essential. Water infrequently.

Stapelia divaricata Stapelia divaricata

Stapelia divaricata Click here

If available, this plant will be listed here.

Stapelia grandiflora Stapelia grandiflora

Stapelia grandiflora Click here

Thick stems approximately 1cm in diameter developing a purple tinge. Deep crimson and lemon striped flowers with hairy margins.

Stapelia variegata Stapelia variegata

Stapelia variegata Click here

Soft sprawling green stems becoming mottled with purple when grown in the sun. The beautiful late summer flowers are 5-7cm with 5 lobes with maroon blotches on a yellowish background. Part sun.

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