The genus Portulacaria is comprised of just one species and various forms.

Very hardy plants. They thrive in a free-draining mix. Tip pinch for bushier growth. Drought tolerant. Frost tolerant.

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Portulacaria afra Portulacaria afra

Portulacaria afra

'Money Tree' or ‘Elephant Bush’. Small dark green leaves on reddish stems. Height to 1.5m. Can form a wonderful twisted shape with age. Great for bonsai. Very hardy. Pink flowers in spring. Sun/part sun.

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Portulacaria afra f. variegata Portulacaria afra f. variegata

Portulacaria afra f. variegata

‘Variegated Elephant Bush’. A prostrate variety of it's parent species, with reddish stems and dark green glossy leaves heavily variegated with cream. Pink flowers in spring. Great bonsai specimen. Sun/part sun.

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