Peperomia are small, succulent, herbaceous plants distributed throughout the tropics. They include shrubby upright forms, rosette forms and vines. They are all tolerant of low light situations.

Summer growers. Peperomias grow best in a well drained mix containing plenty of humus. Native to tropical areas they thrive in warm, humid conditions. They are prone to rot and should be watered sparingly especially in winter.

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Peperomia asperula Peperomia asperula

Peperomia asperula

This shrub forming succulent has lime green translucent 'folded' leaves stacked along short stems. Height to 15cm. Light shade.

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Peperomia columella Peperomia columella

Peperomia columella

A dwarf species with rich green translucent triangular leaves densely clustered along short stems. Height to 10cm. Great for hanging baskets. Light shade.

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Peperomia graveolens Peperomia graveolens

Peperomia graveolens

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