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Cactus unknown (1) Cactus unknown (1)

Cactus unknown (1)

Pale green stems covered with fine spines. Beautiful flowers!.

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Cotyledon ladismithiensis variegata Cotyledon ladismithiensis variegata

Cotyledon ladismithiensis variegata

A variegated variety of the more common 'Bear's Paws', with plump green leaves variegated with yellow and covered in fine hairs. Deeply notched leaf tips. Clusters of yellowish-orange bell-shaped flowers in late summer. Frost sensitive. Sun/part sun.

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Delosperma 'Purple Buttons' Delosperma 'Purple Buttons'

Delosperma 'Purple Buttons'

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Echeveria cassythia Echeveria cassythia

Echeveria cassythia

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Echeveria 'Lilac Pearl' Echeveria 'Lilac Pearl'

Echeveria 'Lilac Pearl'

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Echeveria nodulosa Echeveria nodulosa

Echeveria nodulosa

This unique and beautiful species has grey-green leaves with dark red markings. Forms a shrub to 20cm high. Pinkish-white flowers. Sun/part sun.

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Echeveria 'Virginia Lee' Echeveria 'Virginia Lee'

Echeveria 'Virginia Lee'

Beautiful carnuncles when mature! Please note that these are not present on young plants. Click the camera icon above. Please note that

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Graptoveria 'Debbi' Graptoveria 'Debbi'

Graptoveria 'Debbi'

A stunning deep pink cultivar with lovely elongated diamond shaped leaves forming rosettes to 15cm wide. Offsets freely to form a dense clump. Sun/part sun.

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Sedum allantoides Sedum allantoides

Sedum allantoides

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Sedum clavatum Sedum clavatum

Sedum clavatum

An upright shrub to 15cm with silvery rounded leaves edged a deep maroon forming rosettes at the ends of short branches. Sun/part sun.

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Sedum moranense Sedum moranense

Sedum moranense

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Sedum nussbaumeranum Sedum nussbaumeranum

Sedum nussbaumeranum

Orange to yellow stiff rounded leaves clustered along short stems. This species makes a beautiful contrast mingled with other succulents when planted as a ground cover. Sun/part sun.

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Sempervivum pittonii Sempervivum pittonii

Sempervivum pittonii

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