Greenovia contain monocarpic rosette-forming species mainly native to the Canary Islands. All species have rosebud shaped rosettes and bright yellow flowers. Greenovia have been recently reclassified into the genus Aeonium.

Greenovia are winter growers requiring little water through the warmer months. In summer the rosettes close tightly and the outer leaves dry out.

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Greenovia aurea Greenovia aurea

Greenovia aurea

(aka Aeonium aureum). 'Green Rose Buds'. A rare and highly attractive species with masses of mid-green leaves forming an open rose bud. Each 'bud' almost completely closes in the summer months. Recently reclassified from Greenovia aurea. Part sun/light shade.

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Greenovia dyplocycla var. gigantea Greenovia dyplocycla var. gigantea

Greenovia dyplocycla var. gigantea Click here

Very large rosettes to 40cm in diameter. Light green leaves powdered with white wax. When dormant it forms a beautiful ball covered in white dried leaf sheaths. Masses of yellow flowers.

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