Gasteria x Haworthia. These hardy plants are slow growing but long-lived. They make excellent houseplants requiring very little water or care.

Summer grower. They thrive in light shade to shade, but will take sun for part of the day. Use a very porous potting mix to increase drainage. Water regularly during summer but let the soil dry out between waterings. Keep reasonable dry during winter. Frost hardy to -1C

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Gasterhaworthia hybrid Gasterhaworthia hybrid

Gasterhaworthia hybrid


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Gasterhaworthia 'Imperialis' Gasterhaworthia 'Imperialis'

Gasterhaworthia 'Imperialis'

Stunning open rosettes of smooth dark green leaves heavily spotted with white. Whit leaf margins. Part sun/light shade.

Gasterhaworthia 'Rosava' Gasterhaworthia 'Rosava'

Gasterhaworthia 'Rosava' Click here

A compact rosette-forming hybrid to 15cm wide. Fat, smooth dark-green leaves spotted by contrasting raised white dots. Part sun/light shade.

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