Delosperma is a fairly large succulent genus with over 100 species native primarily to South Africa. Most are shrubs or trailing plants. The name means "visible seeds" in Greek. They are summer flowering plants with generally white, yellow or red flowers.

Delosperma prefer a rich well drained soil with abundant summer water. The tuberous roots must be kept dry in winter.

Delosperma lehmannii Delosperma lehmannii

Delosperma lehmannii

An unusual species with fat rounded light grey-green leaves on stiff red stems. Height to 20cm. Yellow daisy-like flowers. (South Africa). Sun/part sun.

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Delosperma pruinosum Delosperma pruinosum

Delosperma pruinosum

An unusual shrubby succulent with rich green leaves to 2cm long covered in tiny white translucent hairs. Masses of yellow flowers in summer. (South Africa). Sun/part sun.

Delosperma 'Purple Buttons' Delosperma 'Purple Buttons'

Delosperma 'Purple Buttons'

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Rare Plants / Under Propagation

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Delosperma basuticum Delosperma basuticum

Delosperma basuticum

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